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The Audio Bible Project

Audio bibles suck! Help us record an audio bible for the next generation. The word of God read aloud in a way that is simple to understand and engaging... in a new way.

The Audio Bible Project
The Audio Bible Project

Project Ongoing



We are raising $20,000 to purchase professional recording equipment and to fund an employee one day per week (0.2 FTE). These resources and staff will produce a studio quality "audio bible" that will be released in podcast format over the course of 12 months. 

The modern generation need a new way to engage with the word of God.

Reading is slowly becoming a forgotten art, only 23 percent of teenage girls and 15 per cent of teenage boys read daily (secular or spiritual). Source

In Contrast, 95 percent engage with social media platforms such as youtube on a regular basis! Source

"Audio bibles" are often suggested by well meaning christians who desire more people to engage with the bible... However, the current audio bibles available are outdated. They are often monotone,  computer generated, or in translations difficult to comprehend.

'A New Way' is excited to produce a modern audio bible and release it as a podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

The recordings will be read by Lewis Jonker (Bth. DipMin) who has extensive public speaking and presentation experience. The audio book will also contain short commentaries where needed to clarify historical context and difficult language.

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